BlueFlag Custom builds all types of Steel Railings designs. Round or square steel. All steel railings are engineered using 1 1/4" schedule #40 steel.
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Styles of steel ADA railing
Single line mitered ADA Steel Railing
There are many styles of Steel Railings that can be custom designed for your business. We Focus on Using 1 1/4" square or round steel material for the basis of all of our Steel Railing designs.
4" x 4" x 1/4 weldable steel baseplate w/ 3/8" holes for anchors
4" x 4" x 1/4 steel baseplate w/ 3/8" holes for anchors and inside sleeve for adjustment of Height of Steel Railing
Steel hand railing styles and design's
Installation options:
4" center 90* elbow Picket Steel Railings
3 line Steel Railings
2 line 90* elbow Steel Railings
Single line mitered W/ADA Steel Railing extension
Circular end Single line W/ADA Steel Railing extension
Single Line 90* elbow Steel Railings.
Strait Steel Hand Railings
Single line ADA Ramps W/ADA Steel Railing extension
Grip Railings or wall Handrailings W/ADA Steel Railing extension
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