ADA handrail heights can vary from 30″ to 38″ in extreme cases.

Yea, I know ADA handrail height is officially 34″ to 38″ in most cases, but where children are involved the installation height may be as low as 30″ so that small hands and short arms may grasp the handrail.

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Custom Steel gates


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Steel hand railings. Charlotte NC 704-245-0119

BlueFlag Services. 704-245-0119 custom design, welds and installs steel ADA hand railings in Raleigh, NC, Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC. We have 20 years exp and have done thousands of hand railing project in North Carolina.

Steel hand railing welders in Charlotte NC

Steel Welding shop Charlotte NC



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ADA railings for stairs

ada wall railings for stairs

ADA steel Hand railings for stairs

This is a small project we did of Woodlawn Ave. in Charlotte NC 2013, Its a ada steel hand railing for the brick stair. The stair is pretty typical of handicap access stair railings, depicting the 12″ level rule as the stair comes down to the bottom step and then levels out at 34 1/2″ on the blacktop for easy access.


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ADA codes for ramp railings

steel railings for ramp

ADA steel ramp rails for Hotel in south Charlotte NC

Hand railing codes can vary from county to county in any one single state. Most ADA ramp railings require that the grab rails be between 34 and 38 inches in height where as the Guardrail be a minimum of 42 inches. There are certain exceptions to the rule but for the most part the majority of cities and counties will at least foolow the federal guidelines for handicap access.


Most ADA steel handicap railings for exterior use will have one thing in common, that is a break leveling out at each landing. The minimum length for each break may varies depending on circumstance of the stair, ramp or condition that that is. The standard minimum is 12″ from edge of the top step back toward the landing that is level.



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